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Producer? Etch

The Applied Producer Etch, with its patented Twin Chamber® design, is a reliable, cost-effective production tool for high-productivity etch applications at 90nm and below. The production-proven, highly compact etcher can be configured with up to three Twin Chambers for maximum output.

While offering the highest throughput density with the Twin Chambers and a two-FOUP, dual robot factory interface, Producer Etch delivers single-chamber performance and process control.  Each Twin Chamber can operate in single- or dual-wafer mode.  Etch rate, etch rate uniformity, and resist selectivity can be tuned by adjusting the gap between the electrodes, enabling process optimization for different applications.

Efficient plasma confinement, in-situ cleaning, and high-purity plasma-resistant chamber materials produce quality performance and a mean time between wet cleans of 500 RF hours or more in a volume production environment.  Its uptime, throughput, and low cost of ownership make Producer Etch the ideal work horse for high-productivity etch applications.

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